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Recent Happenings at the Tavern

Victor S. Navasky former editor of The Nation magazine with Clair Nathan of the Columbia University Alumni Club. Navasky, a journalism professor at Columbia, was speaking to the club at their June meeting about his new book, A Matter of Opinion.


On Monday, the Tavern was part of the film making experience for Dreamworks picture titled Revolutionary Road. Staring Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio and Cathy Bates, and directed by Sam Mendes, the film, based on the book by Richard Yates, is being shot at locations throughout central Fairfield County.

The Tavern had a supporting role for a scene filmed a few doors up Silvermine Avenue at a private home. Our parking lot was used for the large wardrobe, makeup and service trucks as well as the private dressing room trailers of the actors. In addition, the cast and crew enjoyed lunch on the deck over the mill pond.

Look for the movie to be released in December of 2008, yes, 08 - it takes a long time to put these things together!

Frank and Marsha

The Tavern parking lot was packed with trucks for makeup and hair, costumes, catering, and trailers for star dressing rooms.

This Dodge from the 1950s was filmed outside of the house to set the period.

The house being used as the set for the filming was just up the street from the Tavern.

The oldest house in Silvermine was turned into a film set for the movie Revolutionary Road

When you go to see the movie, look for this "cake" in the scene.  Here its being approved by the props crew.



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